The Kitchens

Mei Shi

Chinese street food favourites, from spring rolls and duck pancakes to ramen and siu mai.


From chicken burgers and tenders to tacos and quesadillas… with a side of nachos and fries.

Cake Corner

Waffles, crepes, cakes, shakes and gelato… satisfying your treat cravings in abundance!

Two Brothers

Straight from the hatch, serving up speciality coffee, tea, smoothies and wellness.


Greek and mediterranean street food, brought to you by the famous Christakis of Liverpool.


Serving up oven-fired pizzas and hearty bowls of home-made pastas and tater-tots.

T-Bone & Co

North-American comfort food, from burgers and hot-dogs to maple dripping waffles and bacon.

Want to cook up a storm with us at the market?

The Retailers

coming soon

Our second retailer is coming soon. Interested in becoming one of our retailer vendors? Click here to apply now.